The blue and white captain summed up the results of the 5th round of the Youth League against Zenit (2:0).

— There was a good pace. I think we were let down by a technical defect. The girls wanted to give their all, they tried, a lot didn’t work out, but everyone improved their moment and tried to get the most out of any episode of the game.

The halves plus or minus were equal. Both we and the opponent had chances, it’s just that Zenit managed to convert them. And so, both halves were quite eventful and difficult for both teams.

You need to be more responsible about your moments and finalize them. I can’t say that we can’t do it. Today, apparently, something went wrong. You also need to focus more on the goal, on the goal, and not on the moment itself.

For complete information about the starting lineups and events of the meeting, see the match center.

Dynamo U-21 will play their next match on May 26 – in Novogorsk they will host WFC Strogino in the final game of the group stage. The meeting starts at 11:00 Moscow time.

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