Elena Shesterneva: “I’m happy with the game, but there is still to strive for”

# Elena Shesterneva
News of the Sports Club "Dynamo" Moscow | Elena Shesterneva: “I’m happy with the game, but there is still something to strive for.” Official website of the Dynamo club.

The author of the hat-trick against the Football Academy (6:1) summed up the results of the 1/8 finals of the Winline Russian Cup.

— Were you satisfied with the result of the match or did you want to score more?

— Of course, we wanted to score more, but in principle we are satisfied with the result - we won and are moving on. We will score all our goals in the next rounds.

— Are you satisfied with your game and hat-trick?

— Probably every player criticizes himself in some way, he doesn’t like something. In principle, I am satisfied, but there is still something to strive for and where to grow. I will analyze my game again and continue to work on my mistakes.

— Did your opponent surprise you in any way or was this the kind of game you expected?

— In principle, I wasn’t surprised by anything. We were preparing for this match, we knew how Tambov played and what kind of game awaited us, so everything was expected.

— How do you like playing in the arena?

— By and large, playing in an arena in any weather is stuffy and difficult, but today I can’t say that it was hot. Everything is fine.

— The next opponent in the Winline Russian Cup is Lokomotiv. Already have thoughts on this matter?

— We already played against Lokomotiv, had a successful match and won. We will prepare for it when the time comes.

— There is a short pause ahead in the championship. How do you plan to spend it?

— We will have a short break, a few days off. We'll rest and clear our minds. Some will spend time with family, some with friends. After this, we will fully get into the training rhythm and begin to prepare for the next matches.

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