Mikhail Kobyakov: “Matches with such teams will help us progress”

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The head coach of the Dynamo youth team talks about the results of the match with WFC CSKA (1:3).

— I can’t say that CSKA’s first goal greatly influenced our game. It was simply a consequence of the mistakes that we made regularly in the first half. We didn't play quite correctly positionally on the flanks, and in general, the first such mistake ended in a goal. As a result, a substitution was made before the end of the first half. At the same time, there was approximately the same problem on the right flank, so they also made a substitution during the break.

Apparently, it was not possible to convey to everyone that the game will have a high tempo and it is necessary to rebuild faster. We were late in changing formations, thanks to which CSKA regularly opened up our flanks. These mistakes led to an early goal and further chances at our goal, plus some players, due to objective circumstances (illnesses and micro-injuries), could not play to one hundred percent of their capabilities.

The second half was better, although not perfect. Some girls did not play to their full potential - the game did not go well, so the number of mistakes was much greater than we are used to seeing from them. Despite the fact that in the second half we had many promising approaches, they did not end in sharpness - precisely because of these technical errors. I'm not happy with the game because I know we can play better.

The fact that we will play with all opponents of CSKA level is very good. And today we tried to play to win, we didn’t go out with our hands up, it was just mistakes that led to us conceding goals. And CSKA is a very serious opponent, the current champion of the Youth League. We know how they play, we have played many friendly matches. Therefore, such matches are a good opportunity for our girls to improve. Teams like this will help us progress.

For complete information about the starting lineups and events of the meeting, see the match center.

Dynamo U-21 will play their next match on June 14 – in Novogorsk they will host Spartak. The meeting starts at 11:00 Moscow time.

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