Match Preview: Dynamo vs. CSKA: Where to Follow the Game, Our News, and All About the Opponent

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The rich gaming experience of Dynamo captain Yulia Bessolova will be an important factor in the blue and white game against CSKA

The rich gaming experience of Dynamo captain Yulia Bessolova will be an important factor in the blue and white game against CSKA

On Friday, May 24, 2024, the 11th round match of the Super League among women's teams between Dynamo and CSKA will take place at the training base in Novogorsk.

When does it start and where to watch

You can follow the main events of the match in the match center on our website, where a text broadcast of the match will be conducted, as well as on the club’s social networks VKontakte and Telegram.

The live video broadcast of the game will be available for free on the Match Premier TV channel, on the websites and in the “Broadcasts” section, as well as in the official Super League community on VKontakte. The meeting starts at 18:15 Moscow time.

Our girls are really looking forward to the support of the fans at the stadium! Traditionally, the blue and white home game will be held at VTB UTB Novogorsk-Dynamo. You can find out how to get there and support the Dynamo girls here.

Entrance to the match with the CSKA Sports Club is free, but please note! Admission to the base stadium will be carried out using free electronic tickets, which can be obtained via this link:


Fans of WFC CSKA should also receive free electronic tickets to the guest stand of the Novogorsk-Dynamo stadium:


You don't need a Fan ID to enter the stands!

View the full schedule of home and away matches for the main "Dynamo" team in the 2024 season can always be found at this link.

Blue and white goalkeeping team: Anastasia Shchervyanina, Arina Taranchenko, Diana Ponomareva and Dynamo and Russian national team goalkeeping coach Vitaly Shadrin

Blue and white goalkeeping team: Anastasia Shchervyanina, Arina Taranchenko, Diana Ponomareva and Dynamo and Russian national team goalkeeping coach Vitaly Shadrin

Team status

In the 10th round of the Super League, our team hosted guests from Perm - Zvezda-2005. A team that at the end of last season was ahead of Dynamo in the fight for 4th place and which this season has become the destination for a whole group of Dynamo football players: midfielders Liana Kotelnikova, Ksenia Kuzishchina and Anastasia Pervushina. They all went to the banks of the Kama on lease.

And if Liana, who even scored against Dynamo last season, was unable to take part in the game this time (but was in the stands in Novogorsk), then Ksenia and Anastasia took to the field in Novogorsk, which they knew well. However, they were not the main protagonists of the match.

The first half was entirely in the hands of the home team - the blue and white dominated: they controlled the ball, calmly worked on defense and came up with dangerous moves in attack. The result of such a dominant game was two goals scored by Dynamo by the end of half an hour of play. Kristina Komissarova and Elena Shesterneva distinguished themselves. Moreover, both players did it so impressively that they were included in the voting for the best goal of the 10th round, which took place on the social networks of the Super League.

But the second half, performed by Sergei Lavrentiev’s team, was a bit of a setback from the almost perfect first half of the meeting. If in the first half the blue and white scored twice, then in the second they conceded the same number. True, fortunately, one of these two goals scored by Perm football players was canceled by the refereeing team led by Alexandra Ponomareva. The referees recorded an offside at the moment of Diana Ponomareva's shot on goal.

However, there was concern about the result until the very final whistle, despite even the removal of Zvezda 2005 defender Anastasia Akimova for a second yellow card in the 75th minute. Dynamo had to once again show their character and will to win, which had already helped out Lavrentiev’s team more than once this season. With difficulty, at the end of their strength, but they managed to do it - and the blue and white chalked up their seventh victory in 8 matches of this championship.

— We played a high-quality first half, in the second half the opponents played more aggressively and actively put pressure on us. We coped with this and won a well-deserved victory in the match, where we should not have lost points, — commented on the results of the match with the team from Perm, Vitaly Shadrin, goalkeeping coach of the Dynamo Football Club.

But for Dynamo midfielder Lamunat Mustafayeva, the meeting with Zvezda 2005 became especially important - she made her debut in the starting lineup of the blue and white team. After the final whistle, the 21-year-old football player, of course, shared her impressions of her game:

— Emotions are off the charts by 200 percent! At the beginning of the game there was a lot of excitement, the girls supported me and told me not to worry and to do my job one hundred percent.

As soon as the starting whistle sounded, the excitement immediately went away (smiles). Thank you all for your support!

The victory over Zvezda 2005 brought the blue and white three more points, and with them allowed them to maintain second place in the Super League standings. This is especially important before the next meeting with the championship leader – ZhFK CSKA. Sergei Lavrentyev's team is keeping the pace set by the season leaders, and the 8-point lead created by the group of pursuers of the army club also adds to the Dynamo team's self-confidence.

However, as always, the main tests are still ahead. And the nearest one is this Friday.

Ksenia Kuzishchina (in the background) is trying to stop one of the heroines of the meeting with WFC Zvezda-2005 Elena Shesterneva

Ksenia Kuzishchina (in the background) is trying to stop one of the heroines of the meeting with WFC Zvezda-2005 Elena Shesterneva

The photo gallery of the victorious home match against WFC "Zvezda-2005" can be viewed here.

About the opponent

The next opponent of the blue and white is the capital's ZhFK CSKA - the most formidable and so far the most inconvenient opponent for Dynamo. Just look at the statistics of personal meetings between the two clubs: in 5 matches played, the blue and white have only one draw in a friendly game, 4 defeats in official matches and 12 goals conceded with three scored.

Yes, this season the blue and whites finally managed to disenchant the clubs from the big three, they beat Lokomotiv Moscow (3:0), but the games against the army team for our girls are not going so well so far. And this season it will be just as difficult to achieve success in meetings with CSKA.

If only because the status of CSKA in the 2024 season compared to the 2023 season has not changed one bit. The Red-Blues are still the vice-champions of the previous season and the current holders of the Russian Cup. As in 2022, the army team competed for the main trophies of the season with a team from St. Petersburg - Zenit.

And if CSKA regularly wins the national cup, then the Muscovites are unable to regain the championship title. For three seasons in a row they have been one step away from gold medals: in 2021 they lost first place to Lokomotiv, and in 2022 and 2023 to the same Zenit.

CSKA's achievements: two-time champions (2019, 2020) and three-time silver medalists (2021, 2022, 2023) of the Super League, three-time winners (2017, 2022, 2023) and finalists (2020) of the Russian Cup, participants in the UEFA Champions League (2020/21).

There is no doubt that in the new season, Maxim Zinoviev’s team is almost the main contender for victory in the championship. At least, judging by the performances of the army team in 2024: 9 matches – 9 wins, only 3 missed and 24 goals scored! However, apart from the victory in the important derby over the newcomer of the season “Spartak” (1:0), the red-blues have not yet had any significant successes this year - they have not yet met with other contenders for the title.

But, starting with the next match against Dynamo, CSKA will have a real test of its championship ambitions, because there are three games in a row ahead with clubs that also do not hide these ambitions: Dynamo and Lokomotiv (away), Zenit ( Houses). It’s interesting that the army team will face the same deadly stretch at the very end of the season – it will spend the last three rounds against Dynamo and Loko (at home), and Zenit (away). There is no doubt that it is in these matches that the fate of the 2024 Super League gold medals will be decided.

In the meantime, CSKA and Dynamo in the first head-to-head meeting of the season can give answers to two questions:

– will the army team be able to break away even further from their pursuers?

– will the blue and white achieve their first victory over CSKA and get within one victory of first place in the Super League?

View the Super League standings at any time on our website by following this link.

Meeting history

03/13/2023 1st round of the preliminary stage of the Super League

Dynamo – CSKA – 0:3 (Ordega, 21; Damjanovic, 50; Bozic – own goal, 56)

06/04/2023 12th round of the preliminary stage of the Super League

CSKA – Dynamo – 2:1 (Damjanovich, 32; Kovalenko, 70 – Geybieva, 77)

07/23/2023 1/8 Winline of the Russian Cup

Dynamo – CSKA – 1:4 (Nazhemba, 85 – Evodo Ekogo, 10; Bizenkova, 51, 72; Smirnova, 53)

10/21/2023 1st round of the final stage of the 1-6 Super League

CSKA – Dynamo – 3:1 (Myasnikova, 48, 88; Chernomyrdina, 71 – Bozhich, 90+4)

02/09/2024 friendly match

Dynamo – CSKA – 0:0

Total: 0+ / 1= / 4-, goal difference 3-12.

The top scorers of the confrontation are Nevena Damjanovic and Yulia Myasnikova (2 goals each).


In the 2021 season, the post of head coach of the CSKA Football Club was occupied by Sergei Lavrentyev, now the coach of Dynamo. His staff also included coach Yulia Gordeeva and goalkeeper coach Vitaly Shadrin, who today work with Lavrentiev at Dynamo.

The head doctor of the Dynamo main team, Dmitry Mirolevich, worked at the CSKA Sports Club during the 2021 season.

In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, the position of press attache of the CSKA Sports Club was held by Sergei Khodyachikh, who now works in a similar position in the youth team of the Dynamo Sports Club.

Midfielder Taisiya Razvorotneva, now playing for the Dynamo youth team, defended the colors of the CSKA Sports Club in 2020-2022 and became the champion of the Youth League as part of the army club in the 2021 season.

In 2021-2023, the head coach of the CSKA Football Club Maxim Zinoviev was part of the coaching staff of the Russian women's national team and was an assistant to the head coach Yuri Krasnozhan, working together with Vitaly Shadrin, who today also holds the position of goalkeeper coach in the national team.

Dynamo head coach Sergei Lavrentyev is well acquainted with the CSKA Sports Club, where he worked in the 2021 season

Dynamo head coach Sergei Lavrentyev is well acquainted with the CSKA Sports Club, where he worked in the 2021 season

Judging panel

The meeting will be served by a team of judges led by Alina Vakhrusheva from Moscow, who will be assisted by assistant judges Ekaterina Bibikova (Krasnodar) and Elena Krasnikova (Ruzaevka).

Alexandra Ponomareva from Moscow has been appointed as a reserve referee, and Dmitry Koloskov from Ufa will be the match inspector.

Balance of victories and defeats of Dynamo under refereeing Vakhrusheva: 4 matches - 1 victory, 3 defeats, goal difference 4-8.