Preview of the match Dynamo - Krylia Sovetov

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Fauzia Nazhemba in the match against Krylia Sovetov in Novogorsk

Fauzia Nazhemba in the match against Krylia Sovetov in Novogorsk

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, the 6th round match of the Super League among women's teams between Dynamo and Krylia Sovetov will take place at the training base in Novogorsk.

When does it start and where to watch

You can follow the main events of the match in the match center on our website, where a text broadcast of the match will be conducted, as well as on the club’s social networks VKontakte and Telegram.

The live video broadcast of the game will be available for free on the websites and in the “Broadcasts” section, as well as in the official Super League community on VKontakte. The meeting starts at 17:00 Moscow time.

Always remember - our girls are looking forward to the support of the fans at the stadium! As usual, the blue and white home game will be held at VTB UTB Novogorsk-Dynamo. You can find out how to get there and support the Dynamo girls here.

Entrance to the match with Krylya Sovetov is free, but - please note! Entrance to the base stadium will be carried out using free electronic tickets, which can be obtained via this link:


Fans of the Krylya Sovetov Sports Club should also receive free electronic tickets to the guest stand of the Novogorsk-Dynamo stadium:


You don't need a Fan ID to enter the stands!

You can always view the full schedule of home and away matches of the Dynamo main team in the 2024 season at this link.

Preview of the match Dynamo - Krylia Sovetov

Team status

Dynamo's previous official match took place exactly three weeks ago - on March 31, the blue and white played in the 4th round of the Super League in Rostov-on-Don. And then - a pause for three weeks! The first week and a half was spent on national team games, where, by the way, the Dynamo football players also performed very well.

But our team missed the next weekend after the national team matches again. According to the Super League regulations this season, due to the odd number of participants in the championship, one of the teams misses each round. In the 5th round, a regulatory conflict fell to Dynamo. Thus, in more than a month since the start of the season (from March 9 to April 20), the blue and white have played only three matches so far. But victorious!

Perhaps the victory in Rostov-on-Don is the most difficult so far. Playing on the field of the old Lokomotiv stadium, where the Rostov team hosted Dynamo, did not encourage much creativity. That’s why we had to gnaw out the much-needed three points literally with our last bit of strength.

Things were further complicated by the removal of Helena Bozic just before the break. The main referee of the match, Alexandra Ponomareva, saw in the actions of the central defender of the blue and white a “foul of last resort” and sent the Montenegrin to rest earlier than expected. By the way, now Bozhich will miss Dynamo’s next game with Krylya Sovetov, which means that she will be able to return to the field no earlier than April 27 – in the match with Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk. If it weren’t for two matches in the Montenegro national team as part of the qualification for Euro 2025, Helena would have been left without playing practice for a month. For a central defender, such a pause, of course, is not at all beneficial.

But the troubles for the Dynamos did not end there. A little earlier than the episode with Bozic being sent off, a goal was removed, or rather, a goal scored by Elina Samoilova was cancelled. The same Ponomareva, with the help of her assistant on the sideline, caught the Dynamo midfielder offside. And these are only the events of the first half!

However, Elina still took hers - but in the second half, closer to its end. It seems that nothing more dramatic could have been imagined than the ending of the Rostov meeting at the battered Lokomotiv. Maria Digurova's free kick from the left - a header from captain Yulia Bessolova into the goalkeeper's area - and a magnificent stretch by Samoilova, who reached the ball and sent it past goalkeeper Ekaterina Ulasevich, who saved the Rostov goal that day. But not at this time! And it is no coincidence that it was Elina Samoilova who, in the first voting of the year for the title of best player of the month, confidently took the victory in this nomination based on the results of March.

However, it is necessary to note the reliable and confident play of Dynamo goalkeeper Diana Ponomareva - she already has 3 clean sheets and not a single missed goal at the start of the Super League season!

The victory on the hardest road trip brought Dynamo not only points, but also a place in the top three - before the matches of the 5th round, which Dynamo missed, the blue and whites finished in the top three, trailing CSKA on points and goal difference to Zenit. It’s hard to think of a better start to the season, but as they say, appetite comes with eating and you want to continue your powerful winning streak. In the next round, everything, as always, is in the hands and feet of the Dynamo football players.

Elina Samoilova sent the ball into the Rostov goal after Yulia Bessolova's discount and brought Dynamo their third victory in a row at the start of the season

Elina Samoilova sent the ball into the Rostov goal after Yulia Bessolova's discount and brought Dynamo their third victory in a row at the start of the season

The photo gallery of Dynamo's victorious match in Rostov-on-Don can be viewed here.

About the opponent

The opponent of the white-blues in the 6th round of the Super League - WFC "Krylya Sovetov" from Samara - came to the Super League at the same time as Dynamo, the 2023 season was its first in the top division of the Russian women's football championship, although the club itself appeared in May 2011. True, the team created then on the basis of the CSK VVS football club lasted only a year and took part in the First League, where it took the final 7th place. At the end of the season, the women's team was closed due to lack of funding.

The revival of women's football in Samara began 7 years later - in November 2019, the management of the Krylya Sovetov football club announced the creation of a women's team. Like the previous time, she became a member of the First League, where she played for two seasons. And quite successfully: in the first season the team finished in 7th place (again!), and in the next season they won bronze medals and reached the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup.

Krylya Sovetov spent the 2022 season in the Youth League. And together with Dynamo they won a place in the top three: the blue and white fought for the championship until the last, but in the end they finished second, Samara took bronze.

Well, last season became a real test for the Volzhan women. The young team of Alexander Tsygankov felt clearly uncomfortable in the Super League: only one victory in 27 games, 4 draws and 22 defeats, the worst goal difference in the league 7-88, last place in the table with a lag of 5 points from their nearest opponent...

The performance in the Russian Cup slightly sweetened the bitter pill for the fans - there the Samara club defeated Pari NN (3:0) in the 1/16, and lost to Rostov (0:1) in the 1/8 with a minimal score.

All this, of course, could not but lead to changes in the team at the end of such an unsuccessful season. Alexander Tsygankov was replaced as head coach by Vasily Marunyak, who had previously headed the women's Chertanovo team, and the team was replenished with newcomers, including foreign players from foreign countries. The Samara club invited three Brazilians at once this offseason in an attempt to seriously strengthen its attacking line.

Judge for yourself how well the plan worked: Volzhanki lost three matches in a row at the start of the season, conceded 13, and scored only one goal! And if the defeat from CSKA (0:5) away in the first round was easily predicted, then home defeats from the missing stars from the sky “Krasnodar” (0:2) and the debutant of the season “Spartak” (1:6!) were in no way explainable.

The intermediate result of the start of the season for the Wings is disappointing: 0 points, last place in the standings, again the worst goal difference in the Super League - 1-13.

But any loss of points by other Super League clubs in games with Samara football players will look all the more sensational, right?


– Kristina Komissarova was born in the city of Tolyatti, Samara region, and here at the age of 7 she began playing football at the Yuri Konoplev Football Academy under the guidance of her first coach Vladimir Romanenko.

Meeting history

02/27/2023 friendly match

Dynamo – Krylia Sovetov – 1:1 (Williams, 75 – Rudneva, 60)

04/29/2023 7th round of the preliminary stage of the Super League

Krylia Sovetov – Dynamo – 0:2 (Williams – 23, 31)

08/26/2023 18th round of the preliminary stage of the Super League

Dynamo – Krylia Sovetov – 3:0 (Williams, 26; Nikitina, 68; Dricheva, 90+2)

Total: 2+ / 1= / 0-, goal difference 6-1.

The opposition's top scorer is Kaylan Williams (4 goals).

Kaylan Williams is a nightmare for Krylia Sovetov defenders

Kaylan Williams is a nightmare for Krylia Sovetov defenders


The meeting will be served by a team of referee led by Kristina Dushkova from Khabarovsk, who will be assisted by referee assistant Anastasia Toporova (Omsk) and Alena Berdnikova (St. Petersburg).

Anastasia Varfolomeeva from Moscow has been appointed reserve referee, and Nadezhda Ulyanovskaya from Pushkino will be the match inspector.

Dynamo's balance of victories and defeats under refereeing by Dushkova: 3 victories - 1 defeat, goal difference 15-5.