Sergey Lavrentyev: “There were many interesting decisions and combinations”

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News of the Sports Club "Dynamo" Moscow | Sergey Lavrentiev: “There were many interesting decisions and combinations in the match.” Official website of the Dynamo club.

The head coach of Dynamo talks about the big victory over the Football Academy (6:1) and reaching the quarter finals of the Winline Russian Cup.

— Did the match with the Football Academy turn out the way you thought it would, or did you expect more resistance from the opponent?

— We expected exactly as much as the game turned out. We understood that “Football Academy” is an unyielding team that will fight in every episode, and this, in general, happened. The only thing was that we didn’t plan to concede a goal.

— What was the goal - to score as many goals as possible or just to win, without reference to the score?

— Today we tried different combinations. We understood that we would beat the Football Academy due to the skill level of our players, but we experimented, including in the second half. Therefore, there was a moment in the match both for experimentation and for advancing to the next stage.

— Did the missed goal add a fly in the ointment?

— Of course, he added. It’s generally bad to miss, especially in a match when you completely dominate. For a match like this, it's wrong.

— Are you satisfied with the team’s attacking actions?

— In general, yes, besides, we haven’t scored many goals yet. There were many interesting solutions and combinations, so overall I am satisfied.

— How do you like playing in the arena? What can you say about the coverage?

— The coverage is the most standard. Overall, a good arena, we expected the worst, we thought it would be stuffy, but during the match the temperature was quite comfortable. Of course, it’s better to play outside, but the Tambov arena left a pretty good impression.

— The next opponent in the Winline Russian Cup is Lokomotiv, a team that you know how to beat. Already have any thoughts about this opponent?

— We live for the next match. The cup game will be later, so at the moment we are focused on the next round of the Super League. We have to go from match to match.

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