Taisiya Razvorotneva: “In the second half we were a single team”

# Taisiya Razvorotneva
Dynamo Women's Football Club Moscow News | Taisiya Razvorotneva: "In the second half, we were a united team." Official Dynamo Club Website.

The scorer of the goal against WFC CSKA (1:3) summed up the results of the match of the 1st round of the final stage of the Youth League.

— Dynamo won the second half, but the match remained with CSKA. What did you like about the second half?

— I liked the second half because we followed the coach’s instructions. At half-time they gave us some tips and then we were in the lead, even winning the half. We had many chances, we could have put the pressure on the opponent and scored, but, unfortunately, we got tired, plus the weather made itself felt - our legs were cramping. However, in the second half we were a single team.

— What happened in the first half? Why couldn’t you play like that from the first minutes?

— Initially, we started the first half well - we pressed the opponent, carried out attacks, but after the first goal we collapsed. Someone lowered their head, and since we are a team, everyone went dark. This could not be done. You could say that we gave up a little, got lost, started to restructure incorrectly due to emotions, thereby losing zones, and the opponents launched their attacks more often.

— Tell us about your goal.

— I watched for my opponent’s mistake, moved forward and hit. I no longer had the strength to run in a straight line to the goal, so I went to the side and hit the CSKA goalkeeper by the collar with my third touch.

— How will you play in the next match?

— Of course, we’ll be involved from the first minutes, everything will be fine. We beat CSKA and Spartak. You just need to work more with your head - there are no problems in your legs. We need to get together as a team and talk about everything. The coach will work on the mistakes and we will prepare.

For complete information about the starting lineups and events of the meeting, see the match center.

Dynamo U-21 will play their next match on June 14 – in Novogorsk they will host Spartak. The meeting starts at 11:00 Moscow time.

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